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Crippled By Indecision: Why Some Young Adults Can’t Get Off the Couch and Get On With Their Lives

Do you ever remember a time when you were forced to make a life-changing decision?

For example, you had a comfortable home and liked where you lived. Suddenly, you receive notice that the landlord is upping the rent to an amount you can’t afford anymore. As a result, you end up looking for a new place to live, which in the end is bigger, better, and cheaper. You never would have been “forced” to find that better place if circumstances weren’t changed for you. Your teen is much the same as he or she may be comfortable living at your home and doesn’t have to make a decision. That’s not to suggest you kick them out, but rather an opportunity for you to understand why they may seem to be crippled by indecision. They don’t have a reason to have to make a different decision.

New Directions is a transitional residential living facility that works with young adults to teach them how to make decisions on their own. If you would like to consider a unique, scientifically based program that goes deeper than traditional therapy, please call an advisor at (954) 571- 5102 to learn more about our proactive and positive approach to independent living.

Communicating With The Young Adult in Your Life Can Help

As a parent, it may be frustrating trying to understand why your child won’t get off the couch and get on with their life. They may be totally oblivious to your frustrations and not have any idea they aren’t getting on with their life. As an experienced adult, you realize that time in life is valuable and can never be replaced, thus your anxiety is exacerbating the situation. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of knowledge and guidance to set a young adult up for a lifetime of success. Our skilled advisors at New Directions are experts at developing life management skills for young adults. Call (954) 571- 5102 to learn how we can help.

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