Transitional Independent Living

From New Student to Licensed Real Estate Agent in Three Months

Spencer had been through several programs. However, he still hadn’t found the help he needed.

That changed when he joined us here at NDFYA. And it changed because of the opportunities we offer.

Opportunity to Succeed

“New Directions provides opportunities that I never would have otherwise expected,” Spencer says. “And things that I never would have otherwise gotten.”

He applied to Palm Beach State College soon after enrolling. However, he realized completing more school just wasn’t for him.

After speaking to one of our academic coaches, Spencer decided to attempt a local real estate class instead. He passed the state real estate license exam and is now searching for a job. He’s already received job offers and is continuing to interview.

He wants new students to know there are a number of jobs available in the area. No matter what type of career a student is looking for, something for you is available in Deerfield Beach or the surrounding area.

Opportunity to Build Relationships

But Spencer’s success goes beyond his new career. Making new friends here at NDFYA was easier than it was at some of the other programs he’s attended.

“Anywhere where you get kids coming from different backgrounds and different problems, it’s hard to make friends,” he says. “But here of all places it seems to be the easiest that I’ve been around.” He’s found other students to be very supportive and kind to one another.

The social events were beneficial to creating these bonds, especially with the staff available to encourage students to have fun and interact with each other.

How NDFYA Helped

Our staff members were an important part of Spencer’s improvement. “[The therapists] really accommodate what you need and how you need it,” he says, “and they tell the programs what you need.”

What was vital to Spencer’s success was “getting his life on track” while finding an apartment and a job to pay for it. As he continues to look for the best fit to start his real estate career, he’s met those goals.

Your Child and Transition Programs

Other students may not reach their goals so quickly. And goals vary between each person. But the right transition program is a valuable experience for young adults who are struggling with independent living. Spencer had to make multiple attempts, but the right fit made a drastic difference.

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