Transitional Independent Living

Apply to New Directions For Young Adults: Step 1

Application Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in our services.

Prior to setting up an interview and tour with our staff, we ask that you complete our online application. Someone from our team will then call you within 24 hours to schedule your intake appointment. Typically students and parents/guardians will attend the intake appointment together; however, this is not mandatory. Our clinical staff will also review the application information you provide, along with any additional educational evaluations and/or psychological evaluations that you provide prior to your intake interview. These can be emailed to [email protected]  or faxed to (954) 571 5265.  The intake appointment typically will includes a one-hour meeting with the New Directions staff who will help identify appropriate programming, services, and clinical interventions. This will then be followed by a tour of apartment complex and the residences where our students reside.

We look forward to meeting with you. If you have any questions about the application process, you can call (954) 778 7808 or our main office number (954) 571 5102 (Ext. #2)

Application Steps:

  1. Fill out the basic information request below and pay the $75 application fee
  2. Complete the Best Notes Application
  3. Schedule a tour and intake interview with our staff
  4. Email or fax educational and/or psychological evaluations for our review so that we can assist in creating an individual service plan. Our email and fax number are listed above). If you do not have these we would appreciate being able to review previous educational plans (IEP’s).


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