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How A German Software Company is Leading the Way to Find Creative Ways to Employ Autistic Adults

A German Software company, SAP, is making a mark in the industry, by recognizing the special talents autistic people can bring to the table. SAP is partnering with Specialisterne to recruit this unique demographic.

Most people characterized with this condition don’t understand sarcasm and they usually say what is on their mind. It’s a refreshing change in the workforce. SAP employs over 65,000 people worldwide and plans to hire autistic individuals as software testers, programmers, and data quality assurance specialists. In their pilot programs, the turnover rate has reduced, employees are interacting better, and the company has received a lot of positive feedback. Overall, the concept has been met with overwhelming support from the industry and various communities.

New Directions, a transitional independent living center, implements “Direction Therapy” CMT treatments. Their process is rooted in the latest scientific literature, which integrates cognitive behavior therapy, developmental theory, and neuropsychology into a treatment approach that is strictly evidence-based. New Directions offers a cutting-edge environment for children to thrive. For more information, call a professional advisor at (877) 763-5102.

Some Children Often Are Discounted For Being Different

One in 50 children are affected by autism. Although there has been huge growth in educational opportunities, these children transitioning in adulthood have limited choices. A qualified, clinical program like the one offered at New Directions can help children and teens prepare for lifelong success. The need for better services and options for children transitioning into adulthood is growing. It is a great success that a major global company like SAP has announced their firm commitment to address the need of this talented community. Company founder of Specialisterne, Thorkil Sonne, whose son has the condition, is excited about the prospect of motivating other companies to follow suit. For more information about transitional living, call a professional advisor at (954) 571- 5102.

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