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New Directions: Exit Interview with Graduating Student

A student who is about to graduate from the New Directions for Youngs Adults program after spending 1-year at the program. This young lady discussed her experiences acquiring a Teacher’s Aid certification by utilizing academic support. Also discussed are her experiences improving her social skills, making friends, developing life management skills, and maintaining a healthy living environment. New Directions for Young Adults is a transitional living program that provides support and direction to young adults with a variety of clinical needs, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and helps our clients (with Autism and without) develop the skills necessary for independent living. Individualized treatment plans are developed for autistic young adults and typical young adults with failure to thrive related issues. Treatment plans are developed by our expert clinical staff using Direction Therapy CMT, a multi-disciplinary clinical approach that targets the specific services needs for each individual served by the New Directions for Young Adults program.
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