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Typical Young Adults

At New Directions, we provide transitional services for typical young adults with unique challenges. Many of our clients come from colleges and universities from different parts of the United States and abroad. New Directions is dedicated to helping these students to become successful and independent. We follow a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Using our unique “Direction Therapy” Coordinated Multidisciplinary Treatment (CMT) model and personalized treatment plans, New Directions has one of the most unique and effective treatment programs in the United States.

To View our success stories please take a look at our student videos page.

Typical young adults are ages 18 – 30 may be struggling to overcome these obstacles to success:

  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Failure to succeed in college or even to finish high school
  • Family conflict
  • Inability to obtain or to hold a job
  • Irresponsible behavior
  • Lack of a sense of direction
  • Mental health challenges

At NDFYA we know that many of our clients may come into our care with challenges. Our goal is to help teach independent living skills in an environment that encourages real world practice.

Some clients may have seen a variety of professionals in their past and sometimes have been given a variety of previous diagnoses. Clients are in constant contact with our team and practicing their newfound skills in diverse environments.

Understanding true diagnoses is much easier in a transitional program like NDFYA where clinical professionals can observe each client in many different settings over an extended period of time (i.e., typically 6 months or more).

At NDFYA we know that normal (i.e., “Typical”) is an entirely subjective word. Individualized Service Plans are therefore created to help address even the most unique or “normal” of challenges. We have experience treating clients with a variety of presentations, and we seek only to understand thoroughly the unique challenges your young adult faces so we can treat them in a way that is best for them.

We strive to help each young adult experience success, social acceptance, and independence in a way that regular therapy cannot, with real life environments, and with the help of our skilled team. Through these experiences, our clients will inevitably taste success. This often helps to motivate them to move towards an independent lifestyle, because they want to.

To help your young adult get started with transitioning into an independent lifestyle please contact us today. Also, come see what parents are saying about their experience with NDFYA, and how we helped give their young adult a new life on our parent videos page.

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