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Young Adults with Special Needs

New Directions was originally created to help young adults with special needs transition into independence. With the proper and appropriate clinical support, unique programming, guidance, family atmosphere, and strong academic and vocational programing, we are confident that our young adults with learning challenges can overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. New Directions is a state of the art multi-disciplinary clinical program that integrates expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, developmental theory, and neuropsychology, into an evidenced-based treatment approach that is both empathic and based on the current scientific literature.

To get a look about what the parents of our students have to say, take a look at our parent videos.

New Directions specializes in serving clients with:

At NDFYA our team of trained professionals ensures that each ISP (individualized Service Plan) contour to each client’s individual needs.

We have successfully served many adults on the spectrum that struggle socially more than the typical young adult. We also have successfully treated clients that struggle with more “basic” problems like taking care of their personal hygiene, budgeting, academics, and executive functioning.

The founder and CEO has dedicated much of his life to understanding and treating young adults both with and without autism spectrum disorder.

Most of the social situations at NDFYA are entirely organic and give our young adults unparalleled opportunities to better learn how to interact with their peers.

Clinicians also help formulate unique treatments outside of their individual therapy sessions so as to help each client in their vocational endeavors. We aim to help each client with unique vocational and/or educational challenges. Nothings brings our staff greater satisfaction than watching a client who was previously struggling have success in their life.

At NDFYA we truly create an environment where young adults are capable of thriving. Our transitional living program offers an environment that is extremely supportive, but not overly supportive so as to encourage a higher level of independence.

Please contact us today, so we can discuss how to get your young adult the independent and happy lifestyle they need. Also, to see and hear more about New Directions for Young Adults, please visit our videos page.

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