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Life Management Skills

Life Management Skills

Our goal is that each young adult in our program develops the life skills needed to transition to independence. Some clients/students may need more or less life management skill (LMS) training based on their individual abilities and their ability to follow through with regular LMS responsibilities. All clients/students have their life management skill levels assessed upon entry beginning the program and also on a weekly basis by an LMS instructor. Our staff has scheduled time to observe each client’s apartment and provide weekly support, feedback, and encouragement. Our team of clinicians and staff use a variety of resources to encourage and promote a way of living that is healthy and self-supportive. We typically work with clients until such skills become routinized. In addition, our LMS staff provide support to students in obtaining their weekly groceries. Clients/students are encouraged to make healthy eating choices and maintain their personalized weekly food budget. Clients are also encouraged to utilize positive reinforcement strategies. Once accomplished, our LMS services can be reduced or discontinued altogether.

New Directions is very experienced at treating young adults both on and off the autism spectrum. We also have a wealth of experience helping young adults with anxiety and depression, something fairly common among our student population. To date, New Directions has helped hundreds of young adults achieve independence. Where other transitional programs for young adults only treat a few common conditions; we offer a comprehensive integrated treatment approach for your adults struggling with a variety of challenges. New Direction’s utilizes a unique clinical treatment approach called Direction Therapy that is coupled with vocational, social, financial training, and educational activities. These services are customized to fit each client’s needs and this customization is also what sets us apart from other young adults’ transitional living programs. We recommend that you review our student videos section to get more information about all that New Directions has to offer.

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