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Positive changes that we never dreamed were possible.

It is with great pleasure that I write about our experience with New Directions for Young Adults. New Directions has given us so much help for our eighteen-year-old daughter. We moved to Florida from New Jersey in 2008. We had spent many years taking our daughter to counseling trying to get her help for her depression, anxiety, and extreme social difficulties.

She was always very bright and achieved in academics and sports, but was never able to make a friend, or share her thoughts with peers and struggled terribly when having to interact with others. When we came to Florida, we again sought out help. We were looking for programs, and knowing that it may be out of state, we planned to arrange for her to go during Christmas break.

It was only by accident that we found New Directions and it was near our home. We live in Parkland. I phoned New Directions and immediately I was offered support. The staff member, who realized how much discomfort we were in, arranged for us to come in for an intake that day. We met with the entire therapeutic staff and each member displayed true concern and support.

Each member was professional, but what impressed us most was how non-judgmental they were. Our daughter felt comfortable and that was the most important thing of all. Our daughter, with the guidance of New Directions, is learning to talk more with others even though it is difficult for her. She is working on managing her anxiety and this is easing her depression.

She will be attending college in the Fall and this would have not been possible without all the love and support of the staff at New Directions for Young Adults. We feel blessed that we were able to have our daughter be a part of their program and that they even exist.

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