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Parent Support & Involvement

Parent support and involvement are a vital component of your young adult’s experience while at New Directions. Our primary therapists serve as the main point of contact. Appointments are scheduled weekly with both students and their parents to help facilitate communication and keep clients engaged in the therapeutic process.

Here at NDFYA we understand the importance of holistically treating our clients. They along with their parents often have a great amount of stress placed on their relationship before arriving at NDFYA. We encourage parents not to “rescue” their young adults, and at the same time, we also encourage parenting styles that focus on reinforcement rather than punishment. Professional behavioral techniques and structure often guiding our individualized interventions.

Professional guidance from our clinicians often allows relationships with “family” to be improved. What we aim for at NDFYA is to help all parents get involved with their young adult on their journey to independence, by allowing parents to be a pillar of support when necessary, and letting their young adults take the lead other times along their journey to independence.

We offer support through our clinical, social, educational, vocational, and financial planning activities that strongly encourage independence through practice. By allowing our clients to experience life in a transitional setting, they are sometimes more likely to intrinsically change their behavior.

We understand that parenting a young adult with various psychological/medical conditions can be a difficult journey. We encourage parent(s) to provide support, but not stifle their young adult’s road to independence.

It is generally understood that watching your young adult struggle to independence, while at a distance, can be difficult. Through our decades of experience, we have countless success stories of turning “stuck young adults” into fully functioning young adults. The best of intentions from parents can keep young adults stuck in a circle of shame and learned helplessness, where independence is fostered here at New Directions with professional help and “Direction Therapy CMT” an innovative multidisciplinary treatment model designed to facilitate progress. This combined plan along with our well trained state-licensed clinical team.

Family meetings are generally when parent involvement with their young adult at NDFYA is the most supportive. Many times progress updates are also communicated by clients. However general emotional support from building healthy connections (i.e, potentially non-authoritative or rescuing communication/actions). We want to reiterate that parenting a troubled young adult is beyond extremely difficult, and we are not suggesting that parents can’t intuitively help their young adults. Rather, that it can take a village of professionals to help transition a troubled young adult to independence, and that we are here to help you and your young adult every step along the way.

Let us help you and your young adult from a hopelessly dependent situation to limitless independence which opens many opportunities for your young adult. To embark on the journey of aiding your young adult in achieving independent living, please contact us today. Also, take a look at our student videos page, here you can watch some of our amazing success stories at NDFYA.

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