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The goal of New Directions is to prepare young adults to live independent lives. Our program is comprehensive and client-centered, providing an individualized plan for each client. Support is coordinated using a new multi-disciplinary clinical approach called Direction Therapy. Direction Therapy incorporates educational, vocational, independent living, health, social and recreational goals into one unique comprehensive service plan. New Directions typically supports students with executive functioning deficits and a variety of clinical needs. Participants in the New Directions program are typically working to learn the skills needed to live independently. New Directions is unique among therapeutic programs for young adults, we provide a wide range of services aimed to provide help for young adults in achieving self-sufficiency. Services are regularly tapered to allow clients to exercise the independent living skills they learn.

New Directions specializes in providing a custom and effective experience in a transitional living environment. Young adults live independently but get varied levels of support/supervision (based on recommendations and need). New Directions provides a wide range of services.  New Directions clients learn to apply the tools they learn from our expert clinical staff to everyday life situations. Please visit our videos page to learn more about New Directions and Direction Therapy, our unique clinical approach designed specifically for young adults on the spectrum.


Direction Therapy CMT (Coordinated Multidisciplinary Treatment) is a clinical intervention initially designed to treat to young adults on the autism spectrum. The overall goal is to help prepare young adults for independent living.


At NDFYA we know that many of our clients may come into our care with challenges. Our goal is to help teach independent living skills in an environment that encourages real world practice.


We have successfully served many adults on the spectrum that struggle socially more than the typical young adult. We also have successfully treated clients that struggle with more “basic” problems like taking care of their personal hygiene, budgeting, academics, and executive functioning.

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