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Get your future on track at New Directions

In this interview, we talk with one of our students about her first six months at New Directions for Young Adults. Her anxiety at starting quickly turned to excitement thanks to the welcoming staff and students. Now, she has completed a semester of summer classes and obtained employment. Someone will always be available to help with any aspect of your life at New Directions.

This Student Shares His Achievements at NDFYA

The student shares his achievements with those considering joining the New Directions program. At New Directions, we provide transitional services for typical young adults with unique challenges. Many of our clients come from colleges and universities from different parts of the United States and abroad. New Directions is dedicated to helping these students to become successful and independent.

New Directions: Exit Interview with Graduating Student

A student who is about to graduate from the New Directions for Youngs Adults program after spending 1-year at the program. This young lady discussed her experiences acquiring a Teacher’s Aid certification by utilizing academic support. Also discussed are her experiences improving her social skills, making friends, developing life management skills, and maintaining a healthy living environment. New Directions for Young Adults is a transitional living program that provides support and direction to young adults with a variety of clinical needs, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and helps our clients (with Autism and without) develop the skills necessary for independent living. Individualized treatment plans are developed for autistic young adults and typical young adults with failure to thrive related issues. Treatment plans are developed by our expert clinical staff using Direction Therapy CMT, a multi-disciplinary clinical approach that targets the specific services needs for each individual served by the New Directions for Young Adults program.

Student shares her New Directions experiences and how she created healthy habits and routines

NDFYA Music Group

Here’s a sneak peak of New Directions for Young Adults rocking music group.

His Experience With Betterment at NDFYA

This Student shares his experience with personal growth at NDFYA. The Direction Therapy approach helps to prepare young adults for an independent life. It brings together therapeutic services including psychology and psychiatry, vocational training, academic support services, and life management skill training into a comprehensive service plan. Each client’s Direction Therapy service plan guides services and clinical treatment. This initial plan is developed by our clinical professionals using a combination of current and historical information about the student and family.

Parents Videos

Parent Interview – Lessons Carried Forward

Michael Kellen, Ph.D., The Clinical Director of New Directions for Young Adults talks with the parent of a graduated New Directions for Young Adults student about her experiences at the New Directions program. Also discussed are observations about how the program helped her young adult. Discussed are changes in self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, frustration tolerance, and social skills. In addition, there is discussion about how developing those abilities was crucial to the student's successful transition into a typical college environment. New Directions serves clients both with and without autism spectrum disorder. New Directions for Young Adults is a transitional living program that strives to help young adults with autism and/or other mental health concerns develop independent living skills in a structured and supportive environment. Services are customized using “Direction Therapy” a multi-disciplinary clinical treatment that includes the academic, vocational, financial, life management, and social skill domains.

Parents of a college-aged young woman speak about their experience

Parents describe New Directions as the best decision they ever made

Parents of young woman with autism who attends college talk about New Directions

Proud Mom shares her experiences.

Mother of Young Adult Explains Why New Directions is the Perfect Place for Her Son

Parents of former clients speak about what services were most helpful for their young adult

The parent of a former client speaks about her concerns for her young adult and her feelings about when and why she felt a transition program was needed for her young adult. A mom speaks about how to know when your young adult needs more than parents can provide and manage.

Staff Videos

Staff Experience: Bryan

Staff Experience: Victoria Palmer

Staff Experience: Shannon C

Staff Experience: Thea

What Our Clients/Parents Say

Louisa Shingler
Louisa Shingler
NDFYA has been a great program for our son. He has achieved maturity and independence as well as improved social skills and navigation since participating in NDFYA’s multidisciplinary program. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program to other neurodiverse young people and their families.
Staci Ross
Staci Ross
Our son has been with New Directions for 2 1/2 years. He has had some good days and some bad days. The staff is always there to support him. They help guide him to be an independent adult. There are many services available to meet every young adults needs. My son is thriving and I owe it all to the staff for working with him and our family.
Linda Stein
Linda Stein
Kind, warm and organized program that has the best interests at heart for the students. Our adult child is thriving, so happy there and has many friends, learning life and social skills. The program coordinators keep us advised of how things are going and we all work together to achieve the best result possible. I am so grateful for New Directions. They have provided so much guidance and love, giving our whole family new found happiness and hope for the future.
Andy Pond
Andy Pond
They do an excellent job of working with parents and their young adult kids —-helping them get “launched”.
New Directions serves young adults who "fall through the cracks" of other systems. We're glad we found the program for our daughter.
Doina Chiacu
Doina Chiacu
Highly recommend New Directions for young people trying to find their way in life. The staff is excellent - dedicated, professional, caring. They offer an array of services from therapy to academic and job support. A team of professionals evaluates your child's needs and meet regularly to discuss their progress, as well as meeting with parents regularly to keep them updated. Our son left the program more than a year ago but still uses services from a couple of members of their staff - he really clicked with them. These people really make a difference.
Edmund Hollander
Edmund Hollander
Our daughter has been at New Directions for a year now. She loves being there and is making progress. Her therapist and job coach are wonderful caring people as are her mentors and staff.
Karen R
Karen R
New Directions for Young Adults is positively changing lives, one client at a time with their years of clinical experience, dedication, genuine kindness and support! They have a multitude of services that have been professionally designed with proven results. Dr. Rubin, the Founder and Executive Director of New Directions for Young Adults, has a hands-on approach and oversees the entire day-to-day operation with brilliance. Dr. Rubin is a class act. Dr. Michael Kellen, Clinical Psychologist, is one of the finest professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Dr. Kellen is a superb observer, assessing and offering insights on each client he works with. We are very grateful for the time he's spent in counseling our son. It has truly changed his life! Thank you Dr. Kellen, we appreciate your expertise and all you do. Paula Katz, the Director of Vocational Services, is exceptional at her role. Paula genuinely cares about all her students and will go above and beyond working tirelessly with each student, as their job coach. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommended New Directions for Young Adults.
Tim Donmoyer
Tim Donmoyer
Life changing experience for our daughter. The nurturing, attentive staff and safe environment enabled our daughter (high functioning autistic with eating disorder) to regain her independence, make better life choices and build self esteem. Thanks to all!
It’s been a long haul but we firmly believe our son is in the best place possible for his long-term independence. Staff is wonderful and experienced. We are seeing improvement. Lots of services offered including therapy, tutoring, job placement assistance and social events. Our son wishes he had come here after graduating high school instead of going straight to college. He’s now getting the right amount of support to move forward.

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