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We believe all young adults can achieve academic success

Academic Support

Many young adults have academic goals when they arrive at New Directions. Typically our clients will take college classes at nearby colleges and universities, and many utilize online/distance learning programs. Some young adults are still working on finishing up their high school requirements when they arrive at New Directions. Clients/Students meet weekly with their personal primary academic support coordinator. “Study Hall” support services are also available to our clients on a drop-in basis six days per week. This flexibility of our academic support service model and monitoring of client’s assignments are also crucial components of our academic oversight.

At New Directions, students are assisted in developing an individual academic timeline. This includes a semester timeline of assignments and expectations, and also a personalized daily schedule (distributed directly to our clients on a daily basis). We work closely with students to help them select and register for classes. Oftentimes, this structured approach (with frequent monitoring of assignments) is crucial when servicing students with challenges, including our clients with a history of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) / Asperger’s, or other emotionally debilitating conditions such as chronic anxiety (frequent in our population) or depression. We excel in providing our educational services and have had a high degree of success on behalf of our clientele. Many clients who had all but given up on their academic pursuits find success where previously they found a failure to thrive in the educational arena.

Our well-trained academic staff has been faithfully serving our clients at New Directions since 2007. We take pride in helping students overcome difficult hurdles, along their journey to academic success. Our strong and fully integrated services are truly one factor that sets New Directions apart from other transitional living programs. This is a result of our depth of resources (i.e., our “on-staff” clinical and academic experts), and our targeted and customized approach. Our staff is devoted to helping each client achieve their academic goal. Regardless of where a young adult is on their academic journey, one of our primary missions is to give every student the tools, clinical help, and environment necessary to excel academically, and personally.

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