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The following testimonials are letters that the New Directions For Young Adult team members have received from students and their families. Names and identifying information have been changed to protect confidentiality. Our clinicians and other staff members are proud of the success our students have had transitioning to an independent life after participating in our program.

Mother thanks New Directions Staff for their sensitive care

Jana and Senda, Thank you for being emotionally vested in Jessica and our family.  I imagine the stress of your professions are great.  You both bring a strong base of experience, kind heart, and determination that I am sure has positively changed the lives of many forever.  I so appreciate the time on Friday and all you are doing for Jessica.

All the best, JR

Parent Acknowledges New Directions staff for Exemplary Performance

Hey Guys
I always only write emails when I need to complain about something, so I thought I would just send a quick note to say thank you for all the hard work that everyone puts in with Jennifer.

I really do feel that Jennifer has come a long way especially this last year. I know that this is all because of the extra work and time that you all put in with her, and I really feel that as a team everyone is really working great together.

I think in life its very important that people get acknowledged for the amazing work that they are doing, and I just wanted you to know Drew and Michael that there are a few stars that shine just a little bit brighter than others in our eyes (everyone is amazing) but please give an extra thanks for us to…

Melanie who always takes time to talk to me and especially her calm attitude and sternness that she has with Jennifer, she really is doing a great job and I know that Jennifer looks up to her, listens to her authority and even though she is staff she looks at her as a friend.

Tom is absolutely amazing when it comes to Jennifer’s meds, he is always on top of everything and great with communicating with me, he is also very sweet about Jennifer even though he doesn’t have much to do with her, he always gives her great advice in a very nice way and is extremely caring and compassionate .

Ben is a super star when it comes to looking after Jennifer’s food. I know that she has a monster inside of her when she doesn’t get her own way especially when it comes to food, and we really really do appreciate how he controls her and even goes out of he’s way to help her have a better eating experience by adding things and helping her daily to understand more about food and nutrition and because of this and all of us Jennifer is still continuing to lose weight and has lost over 100lbs.

Carly is awesome!! When I pick up Jennifer, I know when Carly has had her just by the way she looks. She always makes an extra effort to do her hair nice, dresses her appropriately and even puts make up on her so she feels nice about herself. Its funny as they are about the same age and thats why they get on so well. Carly seems to really get her. When I ask Jennifer who her best friend is in the program her response to me is always Carly. Carly is honest, hard working and Jennifer really looks up and respects her.

I do not have too much interaction with the clinicians but I know there doing a good job and we appreciate that.

Oh and not to forget Lori and Terri they are also doing a great job too.

Sorry it was supposed to be a quick note, I seemed to have more to say than I thought, but even though I do not work at New Directions I do feel that your staff are part of my team as I hope they feel I am part of theirs when it comes to Jennifer and everyone really does need to be praised for their efforts that really have not gone unnoticed.

Thank you all for everything !!!

Mother thanks New Directions Staff for their sensitive care


We’re looking into the program New Directions for Young Adults out in Pleasant Hill, CA for our almost 18 y.o. kid. Does anyone know anythingabout this program? Have your kids gone there?…or kids of friends?

We are looking for a program to support our kid in community college and to help them prepare for 4 year college–so I’d appreciate referrals toany other programs you know of, as well.



My 20 yr old daughter attends New Directions. She has been there for about 7 mos. and is making good progress at becoming more independent. A year ago she sat on her bed all day playing video games.

Now she takes a couple of classes at DVC, volunteers at the animal shelter and is looking for a job. The program has just enough structure and the staff is good. I recommend taking the tour.

NDFYA Parent Testimonial – Our son is 1000% better

Hi Michael,

My wife and I wanted to write and say thank you.

When you said to us in 2013 that our son will be 1000% better, I thought, if he just gets 50% better I would be happy. One year later he was 1000% better. It truly was and is a miracle.

He went from being super anxious for years, unfocused, social anxiety, unemployed and depressed to then having a full time job you helped him interview for and get, promotions, with hope for his future and well managed anxiety.

Today three years later, he has successfully sought out and secured “on his own” a new job in a new city, gained confidence, changed doctors on his own, started a romantic relationship and recently got engaged to be married Sept 30, 2017.

It seems that your steady environment, therapy (Jennifer is amazing, amazing, amazing) and getting the right meds have been the secret.

A short note seems trivial for all ND helped him/us do. If we are in the area ever again we are going to come by and give you all a big hug.

We are so thankful for New Directions; you, Tim, Jennifer and the rest of the team.

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What Our Clients/Parents Say

Louisa Shingler
Louisa Shingler
NDFYA has been a great program for our son. He has achieved maturity and independence as well as improved social skills and navigation since participating in NDFYA’s multidisciplinary program. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program to other neurodiverse young people and their families.
Staci Ross
Staci Ross
Our son has been with New Directions for 2 1/2 years. He has had some good days and some bad days. The staff is always there to support him. They help guide him to be an independent adult. There are many services available to meet every young adults needs. My son is thriving and I owe it all to the staff for working with him and our family.
Linda Stein
Linda Stein
Kind, warm and organized program that has the best interests at heart for the students. Our adult child is thriving, so happy there and has many friends, learning life and social skills. The program coordinators keep us advised of how things are going and we all work together to achieve the best result possible. I am so grateful for New Directions. They have provided so much guidance and love, giving our whole family new found happiness and hope for the future.
Andy Pond
Andy Pond
They do an excellent job of working with parents and their young adult kids —-helping them get “launched”.
New Directions serves young adults who "fall through the cracks" of other systems. We're glad we found the program for our daughter.
Doina Chiacu
Doina Chiacu
Highly recommend New Directions for young people trying to find their way in life. The staff is excellent - dedicated, professional, caring. They offer an array of services from therapy to academic and job support. A team of professionals evaluates your child's needs and meet regularly to discuss their progress, as well as meeting with parents regularly to keep them updated. Our son left the program more than a year ago but still uses services from a couple of members of their staff - he really clicked with them. These people really make a difference.
Edmund Hollander
Edmund Hollander
Our daughter has been at New Directions for a year now. She loves being there and is making progress. Her therapist and job coach are wonderful caring people as are her mentors and staff.
Karen R
Karen R
New Directions for Young Adults is positively changing lives, one client at a time with their years of clinical experience, dedication, genuine kindness and support! They have a multitude of services that have been professionally designed with proven results. Dr. Rubin, the Founder and Executive Director of New Directions for Young Adults, has a hands-on approach and oversees the entire day-to-day operation with brilliance. Dr. Rubin is a class act. Dr. Michael Kellen, Clinical Psychologist, is one of the finest professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting. Dr. Kellen is a superb observer, assessing and offering insights on each client he works with. We are very grateful for the time he's spent in counseling our son. It has truly changed his life! Thank you Dr. Kellen, we appreciate your expertise and all you do. Paula Katz, the Director of Vocational Services, is exceptional at her role. Paula genuinely cares about all her students and will go above and beyond working tirelessly with each student, as their job coach. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommended New Directions for Young Adults.
Tim Donmoyer
Tim Donmoyer
Life changing experience for our daughter. The nurturing, attentive staff and safe environment enabled our daughter (high functioning autistic with eating disorder) to regain her independence, make better life choices and build self esteem. Thanks to all!
It’s been a long haul but we firmly believe our son is in the best place possible for his long-term independence. Staff is wonderful and experienced. We are seeing improvement. Lots of services offered including therapy, tutoring, job placement assistance and social events. Our son wishes he had come here after graduating high school instead of going straight to college. He’s now getting the right amount of support to move forward.

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