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Is the Media Complicit in Creating the Couchbound Manchild?

When you look at the content in television and movies these days, it’s easy to wonder if the images presented about the lives of young people are negatively impacting them, creating lazy, couchbound youth.

Because young people are so hugely impacted by the media, what it shows about other men and women of the same age can alter their vision for what is normal behavior. It’s crucial that they are presented with a more accurate version of the story, or they might be doomed to live in their parent’s basement for a very long time.

It is very unfortunate when men and women enter adulthood just to move back home and live a lazy, dependent life, but there are plenty of ways to help them. New Directions is a program that has been helping families facing this situation for a very long time, and we are very confident that we can help your son or daughter, so call us for assistance today at (954) 571- 5102.

How Media Affects Youth

It seems that television and movies perpetuate couchbound, irresponsible young people in a couple of ways. Firstly, there are numerous movies that display this issue, and they usually end with the subject just happening into a perfect ending. It glamorizes the problem, leading audiences to believe that it’s a totally normal thing to do and that an outstanding opportunity will simply fall into their laps without much effort. This couldn’t be more true, which is why it’s such a damaging message to put across. The flip side of this is that it seems in every other show, the characters get their act together immediately after college, falling into a cozy job right away. This is almost just as bad because, like the other programs, it is usually accomplished without much hard work, just luck. Young people become overconfident and then get hit with a reality check, which usually comes in the form of moving back home.

Seeking Professional Assistance for Young Adults

It is clear that popular movies and television shows are sending the wrong message. Whatever circumstances led to your son or daughter returning home, New Directions can help. We offer life management skills, tutoring, therapy, and whatever else our clients need to overcome their struggles and lead a happy, independent life.

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