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There’s Not A Rulebook For Getting Your Kids Out of the House: How a Clinical Approach to Failure to Launch May Benefit Floundering Young Adults

Because there’s no rule book or obvious solution for getting kids out of the house, a clinical approach can be the most beneficial way to help struggling young adults. There can be many underlying issues that prevent young adults from learning to rely on themselves and live independently. A clinical approach confronts them head-on and ensures that men and women gain the skills they need to be self-sufficient people.

Parents have been choosing New Directions to help their underachieving children for many years. Through our program, your son or daughter will get the support and teaching they need to take the world on, so call us today for assistance at (954) 571- 5102.

The Many Benefits of Professional Assistance

It is an unfortunate truth that many teens and young adults don’t get the treatment they need to learn the proper life skills to move out of their parent’s home and get a job. Many parents don’t want to admit that there is something wrong with their son or daughter, or they think they can solve it on their own. However, a clinical approach is truly the best option, because the issue can be too much for parents to take on by themselves, especially because their children are notoriously unwilling to take the initiative themselves. New Directions offers solutions in all areas of life. Our program reshapes the men and women who come to us by offering things like job training, counseling, support and tutoring for academics, and life management skills, including financial and health management, meal preparation, nutrition, etc. Everyone who we work with is unique and has unique issues, so there is an individual service plan created for each person who attends, ensuring they see success, no matter what.

Guarantee a Change for Young Adults

The results seen at New Directions are hard to encounter in any other program. Getting professional assistance means that the issue will be tackled from all angles, and this is apparent in the lasting results. If New Directions is right for the young adult in your life, please contact us today.

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