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What Kind of Jobs Can Autistic Young Adults Get?

Children who grow up with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face enormous challenges when they transition into young adults. The truth is that transitioning into a fully-functioning adult, which includes finding and keeping a job, is difficult for ALL teenagers, and each person does it at his or her own pace.

For a child who is autistic the challenges of finding a job are multiplied and it will likely take them longer to make a successful transition, if at all. But there is hope. Researchers are finding ASD can yield positive worker traits for specific industries.

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Help For Young Adults With Autism

Employers in the high-tech industries are finding young adults with autism can actually do quite well in jobs that require a great deal of attention paid to the smallest of details. People on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum often have an amazing ability to hyper-focus on a task, but may lack communication or social interaction skills. Many employers claim their autistic employees actually work faster and with less mistakes when working at engineering-type tasks or computer design, where interaction with limited.

It is very important as parents of autistic children to help them prepare for life as an adult. Too often members of society think of ASD as a childhood developmental issue, but these kids grow up, and many can become functional in a world that really isn’t adapted for their kind of challenges. To prepare for adulthood, encouraging autistic children to try new things out of their comfort zone, or having them practice self-advocacy with a teacher, will help them have less fear as they begin to transitions into adulthood. Remember, it isn’t a race. Step by step is fine.

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