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Young Adults May Act Like An Old Dog By Resisting New Tricks, But a Few Smart Ideas Can Build Their Sense of Independence

Once your son or daughter has turned 18, you’ve spent nearly two decades taking care of them, providing for their needs, and teaching them your morals and beliefs. Now, you realize it is time for them to leave the nest and learn to be independent.

You can help them learn life skills, while they are still home, that will eventually give them tools to fly the nest. Although, your kid may have grown quite accustomed to the comforts provided by Mom and Dad and you may feel like you’re trying to teach an old dog new tricks. With a few smart ideas, you teen can build their own sense of independence.

New Directions is a transitional residential living facility that works with young adults to close the gap and to provide them with the skill and desire for self-reliance that has not been a primary focus in their life. If you would like to consider a unique, scientifically based program that goes deeper than traditional therapy, please call an advisor at (954) 571- 5102 to learn more about our proactive and positive approach to independent living.

Encourage Your Teen to Join Outside Groups

The best way to teach your child how to learn to function independently is to let them hear it from someone else since most teens block out what their parents say. Encourage them to join a sports team as they will learn how to set goals, listen to a coach, perform, and work together as a team. Sports can be a great life teacher and because it often seems like “fun” it can be overlooked as a teaching opportunity. Good coaches are also adults that your kid can turn to for advice. Help your child participate in a church group. There are many opportunities for this across all religions. Many have youth groups and opportunities for your teen to interact and grow. As volunteer programs are often initiated by church groups, your teen can learn to follow leaders or become a leader. Our skilled advisors at New Directions are experts at developing life management skills for young adults. Call (954) 571- 5102 to learn how we can help.

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