Transitional Independent Living


Finding A Path To Independence

One of the biggest challenges that someone who has a child with autism faces is determining how to give them the skills they need to live independently. This process can be incredibly difficult, and unfortunately, many parents end up giving up on the process and simply resign themselves to caring for their child for the rest of their life.

Cindy and John were starting to feel this way about their son Jordan before they were finally able to find the right help for him through New Directions for Young Adults.

Deciding To Find The Right Help

Though dealing with autism obviously affected his early childhood development, Jordan didn’t really begin to struggle in a way that made his parents consider professional treatment until he entered high school. It was at this point that Jordan’s behavior really started to enter a downward spiral. Much of this was due to his difficulty relating to his peers and understanding behavioral standards. The end result of these problems Jordan started having in school was his parents coming to the realization that it would probably be necessary to seek out professional help. After searching for some time, they discovered the New Directions For Young Adults program in Florida. After talking about it with Jordan, they decided that it would be worth seeing if the program was capable of bringing about the changes they were looking for. A week later, Jordan entered NDFYA.

He Was Able To Change His Life

Over the next several months, Jordan was able to make a huge amount of progress in dealing with the issues his autism caused and building the skills he needed to live independently. Before long, he had progressed much further than his parents had ever hoped was possible. Today, he continues to work with the program but lives an almost entirely independent lifestyle. He has his own apartment and lives hundreds of miles away from his parents. On top of this, he is much happier than he ever was while he was dependent on his parents for all of his needs. NDFYA truly gave him the support necessary to change his life.

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