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Hope Of Normalcy: Aspergers Sufferers Can Learn To Be More Social

Growing up and living with Aspergers syndrome isn’t easy. There are a host of unexpected difficulties and hurdles to go over those other teens don’t necessarily need to worry about.

However, having Aspergers syndrome does not make you any less valuable as a person, in fact in some cases it can be beneficial. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a teen with Aspergers is socializing with your peers. Here are some tips below to help make social interaction more desirable and less daunting.

Social Interactions and Aspergers

Difficulty with social interactions are one of the most prominent features of Aspergers syndrome, and can be very frustrating, especially in your teenage years when you start spending more time with your peers than at home with your parents, or when you want to start dating. Young people often have difficulty understanding how people with Aspergers perceive the world. This lack of understanding can lead to difficult or uncomfortable social situations, but there are a number of things that you as a teen with Aspergers syndrome can do to make socializing an easier experience.

Find Common Ground

First of all try to find people who you share a common interest with, like writing, skateboarding, or playing music. This can be an excellent way to break the ice, and it is much easier and more natural to carry on a conversation when you share a common interest. If you can find people that are as passionate about their interests as you are, you’ll find talking to them much easier and far less stressful. Some good ways to meet people with similar interests to yours are joining school clubs, playing in sports teams, joining a band, learning to play the guitar, going to local social events, shows, conventions, martial arts classes, or pretty much anything else that strikes your fancy and that is likely to bring you together with peers that share a common hobby.

Find the Right People

Meeting people who click with your personality can be very difficult for anybody, so didn’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed right away. Social interaction is difficult, especially for teens on the Autism Spectrum, you may need to practice or try a few times to find people that are both receptive and interesting to you. Similar rules apply concerning dating as a teen with Aspergers syndrome, don’t try to force relationships, but rather find someone who you can connect with, share interests with, and converse with naturally. Look for somebody who is as interested in you as you are in them.

The idea of going out to purposely make friends and socialize might seem unfamiliar, or even terrifying, but the rewards of friendship and better social skills for the future are quite worth the stress and work you put in to improve your social skills.

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