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New Non-Profit Aims To Help Those With Autism Find Jobs

With new studies reporting that there will be roughly half of million young adults with autism entering the workforce in the next decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that something must be done to help these individuals enter the workforce smoothly.  To address this need, a Danish man named Thorkil Sonne has begun work on an exciting new non-profit organization designed to help educate employers about the unique benefits of employing someone with autism while also providing valuable training opportunities and workshops. This new organization will be known as Specialisterne USA, and Sonne believes it will be able to generate as many as 100,000 new jobs for individuals with autism in the next few years.

People With Autism Have Unique Strengths

One of the key reasons this program will likely be a great success is the fact that it recognizes the unique strengths that those with autism often possess. For example, autistic individuals tend to be very detail-oriented and often thrive in technical industries and IT positions. As employers gain a greater understanding of these strengths, they will hopefully be less reluctant to employ those with autism. If Specialisterne USA is successful in achieving its goals, it could make a huge difference for the entire autistic community.

Employment Opportunities Are The Key To Independence

One of the reasons this drive towards bringing more individuals with autism into the workplace is important is due to the impact employment can have on a person’s independence. When someone with autism is unable to find work, it becomes impossible for them to live the independent lives they are fully capable of. This often leads to a pattern of behavior in which they become overly dependent on their families for care and support. The news of this push towards more employment opportunities for the autistic community will hopefully make a big difference for families who have found themselves in this difficult situation. Never give up on helping your son or daughter live up to their full potential and achieve independence.

For more information about this exciting new program, check out this article.

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