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Supplements During Pregnancy May Reduce Risk Of Autism

An interesting new study has important information for anyone considering having children. Researchers have found that if a woman takes iron supplements during her pregnancy she will significantly reduce her risks of having a child with autism.

The study was done out of UC Davis and the lead author is quoted as saying “it reinforces the current practice of taking the recommended dose of pregnancy vitamins and folic acid when pregnant.” The study went on to conclude that iron levels might be one of the most important determining factors in autism development, noting that older women with insufficient levels were nearly 500% more likely to have children with the disorder. The author of the study went on to say that one of the reasons iron levels are likely so important to avoiding autism in children is due to the role it plays in early brain development and the protection of neurotransmitters.

Why Are These Findings Important

These findings are incredibly important for a number of reasons. First, because they inform potential mothers about the importance of paying attention to their iron levels during pregnancy. In addition, this study has the potential to make a big impact because of what is suggests about the nature of autism development. It encourages scientists to look more closely at factors like diet and vitamin levels in coming to future conclusions about the ultimate cause of autism and different methods of treatment.

Getting Help For Those Struggling With Autism

If you have a loved one who is struggling to live independently due to autism, getting help could be the right decision. Programs like New Directions For Young Adults specialize in guiding individuals with autism through the process of aquiring the skills they need to live up to their full potential and establish themselves as independent adults. We strongly believe that the services we offer can make a difference in the life of anybody with autism. Please reach out to us today if you need help or more information about our services at 877-763-5102.

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