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Meet The NDFYA Team – Melanie Silver, Program Director

In this month’s Meet the Team, we learn more about Melanie Silver who is the Program Director at NDFYA.

Why New Directions for Young Adults?

I really appreciate the community aspect of the New Directions program and the social opportunities it provides for the students. Having an interdisciplinary team to address the wide range of skills necessary for adulthood allows for gains in independence beyond what other programs can offer.

What is the focus of your work at NDFYA?

I am the Program Director at New Directions, and provide assistance to students when booking doctor’s appointments and attempting to address their miscellaneous medical needs. Additionally, I oversee MORs (Medication Observation) services, handle the scheduling of prescription pick-ups and psychiatry appointments, as well as provide assistance to help students organize and stay consistent with refilling their individual pill boxes.

What’s the best part of your work?

Working with the fantastic New Directions team!

What’s your most memorable NDFYA experience?

Supervising some of the students’ social events has left me with a number of memorable moments. To me, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a student flourish when provided with the right environment and support structures. Having the opportunity to witness students absorbing the social skills taught in group and utilizing those skills in social situations outside of the office is extremely gratifying and a testament to the great achievements students can make while at New Directions.

How has NDFYA impacted your life?   

New Directions has helped me become a more patient person and to appreciate the value of communication. These traits have become an important part of successfully working with students one-on-one to learn new life skills and problem-solving abilities when complications arise or expectations are defied.

 What is your favorite activity outside of the work?

Outside of work, I enjoy reading novels in my free time, specifically fiction. I also love going to the movies, trying new restaurants and spending time with family and friends.

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