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Why Individualized Plans Are Essential For a Transitional Program for Young Adults

The transition into independent adulthood can be challenging. If you’ve been an adult for quite some time, it’s hard to remember that it can be difficult for young people to know what their next step should be, and what choices are right for them. 

Much of adulthood is discovering that there is no “road map” and instead learning to create your own, but for some young people, that can seem like an overwhelming task at first. At New Directions, all of our services are centered around each young person’s specialized individualized service plan, not just some arbitrary plan that doesn’t match the needs and goals of the individual.

Each individualized plan is created with long and short-term goals in mind, focusing on three separate areas: education with vocational support, life management, and psychosocial analysis. These individualized plans are essential to a successful transition for young people into independence. Here’s why we think individualized service plans are so important to our young people’s success.

Personalized Attention

Just as the name implies, each individualized service plan is tailored to each young person. Not every action plan is right for everyone, so each one must be created specifically to fit each person’s unique needs.

If you’ve seen the young person in your life “fail” at a predetermined career path, you know what a setback it can be. For a young person seeking a plan that works for them, any kind of setback can be a huge blow to their self-esteem and their momentum.

When we create an individualized plan for each young adult, we take into account where they are within all aspects of their life, not just their job search. Our approach is a clinical one, and it’s hard to argue with the results. We develop individualized plans that work on life skills, academics with tutoring, financial management, health management, and even everyday tasks like meal prepping or basic home upkeep.

There isn’t a rulebook to helping young people gain self-sufficiency, because there is no guidebook specific to each individual. Just as every young person we work with is unique, so is every service plan. Not everyone is supposed to end up at an Ivy League school or with their PhD, and that is okay.

Some students do better in smaller colleges with smaller class sizes. Others thrive with vocational training. Young adults hear all the time that they need to get into a specific college or seek a particular career path, even if it’s one that isn’t right for them. Instead, we develop personalized plans that play to the strengths and passions of our young people. We want our young men and women to be self-sufficient, and we know the road to independence isn’t always the same for everyone.

Re-examining the Plan

What is another important element of our individualized service plans? Not only is each one custom-made to fit each young person in our program, we also go back and revisit the plan every few months and adjust it as needed.

According to a recent study, nearly half of adults would change their college major if they had the chance. Why is this? Most likely, they created a plan and stuck to it no matter what. While it’s important for young adults seeking independence to learn to stick with something, it’s also important to revisit an action plan to see what is working, and what isn’t working. We have trained, experienced staff who know how to set your young adult up for success, by helping them examine where they are and make appropriate decisions.

By reevaluating the plan and assessing how it is helping each young adult meet their long and short-term goals, it is easy to see what elements of each individualized plan is meeting the needs of each young person.

A Comprehensive Approach

We don’t just help the young adults working with us to find a job or career path. We help our young people with skills across the board. Those in our program work on life skills and academic skills, they learn steps to financial well-being, and they also develop their social skills, which benefits their personal lives and careers as well.

We counsel our young adults on every aspect of their life so that their quest for independence isn’t limited to a successful job search. We even provide directional therapy and additional supports to adults on the Autism spectrum. Not only are our individualized service plans tailored to each unique person, they are also comprehensive to all of their needs. New Directions gives young people a strong foundation in every aspect of their life so they are set up for success.

Is there a young person in your life who could benefit from the kind of support an individualized service plan offers? We want to talk with you today about how our services can have a huge impact on the young adult in your life. Contact us at New Directions today for more information, and see how we can help them on their journey towards independence.

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