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New Directions for Young Adults is committed to helping our students succeed academically. We are proud to have so many of our students successfully graduate from the school of their choice and love nothing more than celebrating their hard-earned successes!

Students at New Directions have a variety of options for furthering their academic career. We have aided to help students who are working towards earning their high school degrees and/or GEDs, Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, graduate-level degrees, and a wide range of vocational certifications and courses. Centrally located in Deerfield Beach Florida, New Directions clients have direct access to college campuses at Palm Beach State College, Lynn University, and Florida Atlantic University as well as several other local education institutions.

New Directions caters to the needs and interests of each student, and we work hard to find an educational environment that best suits their needs. Students have the option to attend schools virtually online. Online students can receive in-person assistance from our academic staff and mentors, both during classes and in completing homework. Students attending courses in person on campus can receive assistance with transportation to ensure students arrive on time to their classes and can receive additional assistance with homework and studying from our academic and mentoring staff. Our Academic Director provides direct support to academic-track students, coordinating directly with teachers and administrative staff at the schools to oversee students’ progress, grades, and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

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