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New Directions COVID-19 Update


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COVID-19 New Directions for Young Adults Update

Recently, COVID-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus, has swept the nation resulting in extensive safety procedures taking place and forcing businesses to adhere a no-contact policy with their clients. These strict measures were made at the federal level to ensure that this virus does not spread. During this time, New Directions for Young Adults has remained an open facility and transitioned into virtual services to maintain the mental health and well-being of our young adults. These services have assisted our young adults on the autism spectrum in socializing while safely in their social distancing bubbles.

Some of the activities that we have provided for our young adults include trivia, cooking group, movie nights, and group board game nights (in which the groups virtually play Taboo, Scattergories, Great Minds Think Alike, Pictionary, Charades, and Simon Says). These activities have fostered socialization in a time that everyone truly needs it while maintaining healthy boundaries and safety precautions. Our young adults have expressed that these fun activities have assisted them with clinical growth and enduring the difficulties of quarantine on a daily basis. Throughout this time of social distancing, New Directions for Young Adults has also continued to promote safe social distancing and provided our young adults with information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While we all look forward to returning to our normal lives and face-to-face interaction, we will continually provide awareness of this virus and our facility will remain vigilant in creating exciting ways for our young adults to engage socially.

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