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Efficiency and concern for each individual enrolled in New Directions

As you know, we have been having some difficulty with specific needs for our son, Anthony. He does not fit the “norm” on so many issues. Often he seems to fall into an area that does not receive attention or even warrant help. With the medication that he is currently taking, inconsistent dosages of medications could result in serious problems.

However, the New Direction staff has done a great job in recognizing some subtle changes in our son and has taken action in an appropriate manner. Thank you for your individual tailoring of your program and services for my son as well as being available to respond to phone calls and messages in a timely manner.

The flexible nature of your program and your monitoring of unique cues for each student are what make your program special and highly effective. Thank you for efficiency and concern for each individual enrolled in New Directions. I would appreciate your conveying my praises to your staff.

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