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My experience with New Directions has been very positive

My experience with New Directions has been very positive. My daughter has grown and is doing better than I could have imagined given where she was when she started. More important was my overall experience with your staff. They were extremely responsive, professional, and kind to me. Living so far has been challenging but your staff has been wonderful. The standouts for me were Renee, Jackie, Erica, Bennita, Tim, and Ian. My daughter’s therapist, Jennifer has been very helpful as well.

My finest moments were with Dr. Michael Kellon. His support, intellect, and positive attitude were very comforting as well as enlightening.

The negative reviews that I have read on the internet were very disturbing to me. I would like to be helpful in supporting parents as well as putting my positive experience to help promote this unique setting.

I will never forget how you helped me get my daughter home to me.

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