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Parent Acknowledges New Directions Staff for Exemplary Performance

Hey Guys 

I always only write emails when I need to complain about something, so I thought I would just send a quick note to say thank you for all the hard work that everyone puts in with Jennifer.

I really do feel that Jennifer has come a long way, especially this last year. I know that this is all because of the extra work and time that you all put in with her, and I really feel that as a team everyone is really working great together.

I think in life it’s very important that people get acknowledged for the amazing work that they are doing, and I just wanted you to know Drew and Michael that there are a few stars that shine just a little bit brighter than others in our eyes (everyone is amazing) but please give an extra thanks for us to…

Melanie who always takes time to talk to me and especially her calm attitude and sternness that she has with Jennifer, really is doing a great job and I know that Jennifer looks up to her, listens to her authority, and even though she is staff she looks at her as a friend.

Tom is absolutely amazing when it comes to Jennifer’s meds, he is always on top of everything and great with communicating with me, he is also very sweet about Jennifer even though he doesn’t have much to do with her, he always gives her great advice in a very nice way and is extremely caring and compassionate.

Ben is a superstar when it comes to looking after Jennifer’s food. I know that she has a monster inside of her when she doesn’t get her own way especially when it comes to food, and we really really do appreciate how he controls her and even goes out of his way to help her have a better eating experience by adding things and helping her daily to understand more about food and nutrition and because of this and all of us Jennifer is still continuing to lose weight and has lost over 100lbs.

Carly is awesome!! When I pick up Jennifer, I know when Carly has had her just by the way she looks. She always makes an extra effort to do her hair nice, dresses her appropriately, and even puts makeup on her so she feels nice about herself. It’s funny as they are about the same age and that’s why they get on so well. Carly seems to really get her.  When I ask Jennifer who her best friend is in the program her response to me is always Carly.  Carly is honest and hard-working and Jennifer really looks up to and respects her.

I do not have too much interaction with the clinicians but I know they are doing a good job and we appreciate that.

Oh and not to forget Lori and Terri they are also doing a great job too.

Sorry it was supposed to be a quick note, I seemed to have more to say than I thought, but even though I do not work at New Directions I do feel that your staff are part of my team as I hope they feel I am part of theirs when it comes to Jennifer and everyone really does need to be praised for their efforts that really have not gone unnoticed.

Thank you all for everything !!!


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