Transitional Independent Living


The Structure and Support Our Son Needed to Move Forward

As you know, our son has been at New Directions for just over two months. Originally we had been told by the folks at his previous wilderness program not to expect as much communication once our son was in a longer transition program. On the contrary, our experience has been very different. The communication has been constant and very informative. My wife and I feel that we can always reach someone by phone. Everyone on staff has been tremendously helpful. It gives us great comfort to know that Chris has the structure and support he needs to move forward in a very positive way with his life. New Directions lets him live independently with just enough supervision to make sure he stays on track . Thanks to your efforts, our son will go back to college part-time in a few days, has already found one job, and is well on his way to gaining more confidence and life skills.

We really appreciate your experience and insights Dr. Rubin and think that you have assembled a staff that is empathetic, patient, and cheerful. Tim, Bobby, and Paula have been very helpful in their respective roles, and Dr. Kellen has been a great resource as our son’s day-to-day therapist. My wife and I would recommend your program without reservation.

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