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Discover a path to peace with Prism's innovative, personalized PTSD treatment.

Prism for PTSD™ is a groundbreaking approach in the battle against post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), offering hope and a new beginning for those affected by this condition. Through the innovative use of FDA-cleared software, Prism for PTSD™ works in conjunction with standard therapeutic methods under the guidance of healthcare professionals, and is proven to significantly improve PTSD symptoms.

  • Tailored to You: Understanding that each individual’s journey with PTSD is unique, Prism for PTSD™ provides a personalized treatment plan that empowers you to discover and utilize your own mental strategies to manage symptoms effectively.

  • Safe and Non-Invasive: With a focus on non-trauma exposure, Prism for PTSD™ ensures a safe and comfortable experience that avoids reliving past traumas, making it an effective complement to traditional therapies.

  • Rapid Results: Clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of Prism for PTSD™, with 67% of participants showing clinically significant symptom improvement and 32% achieving remission within three months post-treatment, following the standard 8-week program.

The Science Behind Prism for PTSD™

How It Works: The Science of Self-Neuromodulation  

Central to our emotions and the fight or flight response, the amygdala is often overactive in individuals with PTSD. Prism for PTSD™ targets this by utilizing the world’s first amygdala-based digital biomarker, allowing for precise and effective treatment without the need for costly hospital visits.

Prism for PTSD is a self-neuromodulation procedure, which means that you learn to self-modulate, or tune down an amygdala-based biomarker, expertly guided by your trusted healthcare professional and Prism. During Prism therapy, you watch a computer simulation with agitated animated characters, called avatars.

Through sessions of self-neuromodulation, you’ll engage with a computer simulation that reflects your brain activity in real-time. By wearing a simple EEG headset, you’ll learn to calm animated avatars by applying personal mental strategies, thereby reducing your PTSD symptoms.

Each session guides you in refining these strategies, which can then be applied in daily life, offering a sense of control and mastery over your symptoms.

Your Journey with Prism

Starting with Prism for PTSD™ is a step towards reclaiming your life. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing treatment plan. Prism for PTSD™ is administered over 15 sessions spanning 8 weeks, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Patient Experiences: Real Stories of Change

Patients who have completed the Prism for PTSD™ program report significant improvements in daily life, from enhanced calmness and emotional response to a return to professional activities, highlighting the profound impact of this innovative treatment. 7 out of every 10 patients—experienced clinically significant improvements in their PTSD symptoms after completing the standard 8-week Prism therapy program, according to a recent study.

Safety and Compliance

Adhering to the highest standards of safety, the most common side effects reported are mild and transient, such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, emphasizing the treatment’s overall safety and effectiveness.

Begin Your Journey Back to Better

Discover how Prism for PTSD™ can help you or a loved one navigate the path to recovery. For more information on how to get started with Prism for PTSD™ call (954) 571-5102

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Prism for PTSD™ be used as a standalone treatment?

Prism for PTSD™ is designed to be used as an adjunctive treatment, meaning it is most effective when used in combination with other therapeutic approaches, such as counseling or medication, under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

While individual experiences vary, many participants in the clinical study observed significant improvement in their PTSD symptoms after completing the 8-week program. Continued improvement may be noticed in the months following the completion of the program.

Consistency is key to the effectiveness of Prism for PTSD™. If you miss a session, it’s important to reschedule it as soon as possible to maintain the momentum of your treatment program.

Progress is monitored throughout the treatment program, using both the software’s feedback and your self-reported experience. Improvements in PTSD symptoms and overall wellbeing are indicators of the therapy’s effectiveness.

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