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All students at New Directions receive individual and group counseling sessions weekly. Our clinical staff are available daily to meet with students at our New Directions offices.

Direction Therapy CMT (Coordinated Multidisciplinary Treatment) is a clinical intervention initially designed to treat to young adults on the autism spectrum.

Long and short-term goals will be identified in three areas: education and vocational, life management, and psychosocial. Outcomes are measured by monitoring the specific long and short-term goals across the different domains

Ensuring on-time school attendance and fostering academic development is our priority. Discover how we support educational growth on our site.

New Directions recognizes the importance that employment and financial independence play in the transition to independence for young adults.

Our goal is that each young adult in our program develops the life skills needed to transition to independence. 

One of the “core” elements of the New Directions multi-disciplinary treatment model, is the financial component. Teaching financial skills is an important aspect of transitional living programs for young adults

Many young adults who need a transitional program have struggled with forming and maintaining healthy social relationships.

What Our Clients/Parents Say

Our son has been with New Directions for 2 1/2 years. He has had some good days and some bad days. The staff is always ther...

Staci Ross

Staci Ross

1 year ago

Highly recommend New Directions for young people trying to find their way in life. The staff is excellent - dedicated, profes...

Doina Chiacu

Doina Chiacu

1 year ago

New Directions for Young Adults is positively changing lives, one client at a time with their years of clinical experience, d...

Karen R

Karen R

1 year ago

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