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How a Transition Program Helps Move Your Young Adult Toward Independence

Sometimes your young adult needs more. You’ve both tried therapy, maybe even many different types of therapy, with no real progress. He or she enrolled in college courses, only to lose interest and drop out, or fail classes. His or her friends either have a similar past, or are encouraging even worse behaviors. Where do you go from here? It may be time to consider a transition program geared specifically toward young adults who have the same struggles as your child. Rather than having a therapist who works on your young adult’s behaviors; college advisors and professors who are focused only on teaching their subjects; and unstructured free time that doesn’t change anything, a transition program coordinates all of these efforts. Your young adult can grow as a person while receiving the right amount of support to keep them moving forward and learning that they can indeed do it on their own, as well as why they would want to. Consider Matt  Matt is a student who came to New Directions because he struggled with anxiety. He didn’t interact with others well, and had trouble with relationships. Through the course of his time in our program, he received therapy to learn how to manage his anxiety. He also enrolled in a local community college to work towards his degree hospitality management to help him fulfill his dream of working in a hotel. Steady Progress  Though he occasionally had problems completing coursework, the tutoring offered as part of the NDFYA program assisted him in his classes. As he worked on his degree, he received an internship as a host at a nearby hotel. His Dream Career  The hotel’s team was supportive of Matt’s work and gave him the confidence to succeed in his position so that he was later offered a temporary full-time position that grew into full-time employment. Though he could have gotten the job on his own, he may not have found a company with the right team in place to help in his growth. This would have continued the cycle he was already in before coming to NDFYA. Work AND Play  NDFYA also encouraged him to gain confidence outside of school and work through campus activities. These activities gave him the opportunity to interact and build friendships with other students. Later this continued in friendships formed outside of the program at work and in activities he enjoys, such as gaming. He is also learning what is considered appropriate in romantic relationships. Now Matt is closer to independence than he has ever been. He is not only confident in his future, but also excited about it. A Comprehensive Approach to Your Child’s Future  With young adults who need more support or a more educated approach than you can provide at home, a transition program is probably the best option. Contact us today to learn more about NDFYA and how our program can aid your young adult in becoming truly independent.
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