Transitional Independent Living


Transition Programs Help Young Adults of Many Backgrounds

Has your child been in trouble? Does that mean they don’t have a place in a transition program like NDFYA? It means they do. Though NDFYA was started to provide guidance toward independent living for young adults with special needs, we realized there were other young adults who needed help. This young woman is one example. She came to us directly out of a rehab program. At first she struggled to connect with our clinicians. The only part of therapy she enjoyed were the different groups because she “likes to talk.” As time passed and she opened up to the idea of creating connections, she became much closer with her clinicians. She also started to realize the benefits of all of the services offered at NDFYA, such as help with job search and the fun activities we plan. School and Career She enjoys working with animals. NDFYA staff helped her enroll in online certificate programs to learn veterinary care. After completing several of the courses, she plans to continue. Her goal now is to find work in a veterinary clinic, pet store, animal rescue, or similar organization. The courses she took will help, but so will her experience. She’s spent time while at NDFYA volunteering at a local animal rescue. Once ready to start looking for jobs, she says the staff were especially helpful with helping her find jobs and putting together her resume. Social Events Participating in the program-wide social events has encouraged her to connect with other NDFYA students. She’s found the other students encouraging and helpful. Though there have been some students who haven’t gotten along, they were willing to work it out with each other. She also notes there isn’t too much of a tendency to form cliques in the program. Students go to the activities as a single group and interact together with few problems. Embrace Honesty She has some advice for students in situations similar to hers: be honest with your clinician. “It’s the only way you’re going to rise above your problems,” she says. Your Child is Welcome Here If your child is struggling to get past a problem such as drugs or the influences of bad friends, a transition program is a great way to break the cycle. Your child receives one-on-one help while being surrounded by others who are working through their own problems. They get to see a successful life on their own is possible, and earn the tools necessary to get there.
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